shoebox scanning

Shoebox scanning is a very affordable way to archive and digitise all your family photos from the current to years past.

Archive your photos onto a disc

Scanning large quantities of old photos has been a long, tedious & expensive process.

At Hutt Street Photos, we use new high speed scanners to affordably bulk scan your photos so you can archive them, share them, or just plain keep digital copies of hem.

Bring in your old boxes, bags or shoeboxes full of photos & let us get the job done for you. We can bulk scan photos from wallet size (approx 2"x3") up to A4, but there are some conditions for the bulk scanning service.

All photos must be clean, unmounted & with no glue, tape or blutac on them. Torn or damaged photos will be removed & hand scanned, as will Polaroid SX70 type & Kodak Instant photos.

Photo Archiving
Photos to Disk

Photos will be scanned at 300dpi, at their original size, but we do offer an option of either 600dpi or 1200dpi scans at additional cost. For standard scan to CD, we do not guarantee that they will all be rotated as they may need to be turned to work in the auto scanner.

However, if a slideshow is ordered, we do guarantee that they will be rotated correctly.

Photos are returned to you with a CD of all the images, and any photos that are unable to be bulk scanned will be separately and individually scanned.

Additional Information about shoebox scanning:

We scan your photos at 300 dpi which will allow you to print to double the size of the original print with virtually no loss of quality

The finished product consists of digital files on a data CD/DVD. It can be displayed as a slide show using Windows XP/Vista and clicking “view as a slide show.” 

The photos are not always turned the same direction (unless you have selected the rotate upright option) but can be rotated using Windows XP or any photo editing software.

If you’re a digital photo enthusiast, you can use these “digital copy negatives” to build a DVD slide show or a web site or add photos to your books and letters.

For photos that are in need of repair or restoration see our restoration service.