image & data recovery

Lost your images? Don't panic. We can help you.

Find your lost digital files

Hutt Street Photos offers a full image recovery service if you have a problem with your digital memory card.

If you have accidentally deleted your images, accidentally formatted your card, or your camera suddenly says "unable to read memory card" then we may be able to help you.

Above all, do nothing to the card & don't take any more photos!

Just post, or bring in the memory card, and we will do our best to recover your lost files for you. we have a range of programs that can analyse your memory card and recover lost, deleted or missing files.

Usually, it is not a quick 1 hour operation to do a recovery, and indeed, one of our software packages can take up to 14 hours to work on a memory card.

Memory Card Recovery

If we are unable to recover your files, we do not charge anything, but if we have recovered files from your card, the charges are as follows:

  • Pricing for image recovery
  • Cards up to 4GB$55, with CD/DVD
  • Cards over 4GB$85, with USB at extra cost if not supplied.