photo retouching & restoration

We can help make your best photos better & we can help bring your precious photos back to their previous glory.

Photo retouching and Manipulation

If you have taken "almost" the best photo ever, but a little work will make it the "best" photo ever, then we can help.

We can remove/add people, add or remove fences, trees, animals and in fact almost anything in a photo to give you what you want.

We can combine 2 photos (or more) into 1 photo, and we can convert colour photos to black and white, as well as convert black and white to colour!

Remember, you will need to give us the colours to change the black and white photo into!

There's almost nothing that can't be done to a photo

Just ask us for a quote for our graphic designers to change your photo & we'll be happy to work with you.

Photo retouching and Manipulation

Photo Restoration

Some old photos are just too precious to give up to the ravages of time. Be they faded, torn, or damaged, you will be surprised at what we can do to restore your photos back to their previous glory.

Your original photo is scanned at a high resolution & NEVER leaves our store.

Our skilled technicians will do all their work on the digital copy & you will be amazed at the final results. Our restoration charges vary based on the work involved. 

The price includes a same size copy of your photo, plus the file saved onto a CD so that you can get additional copies made without the expense of more restoration work.

Photo Restoration