x pan & 35mm horizon prints

Yes we still print & process film!

x pan & 35mm horizon prints

Yes, we know what X-Pan & Horizon cameras are.

We are able to professionally print the negatives (or slides) from these fantastic cameras!

  • Developing
  • 35mm C41 (develop only)$10
  • B&W (develop only)$16.00
Horizon Prints Developing
X Pan Developing

Index prints

  • Index prints pricing
  • 10x15cm/4”x 6” at time of developing$2.00
  • 10x15cm/4”x 6” from cut film$4.00
  • 20x30cm/8”x 12” at time of developing$8.95
  • 20x30cm/8”x 12” from cut film$12.95


Surface: All photos printed on Gloss paper, unless Matt is specifically requested.

Index prints: Included with all D&P, no extra charge.

Borders: All photos printed full bleed unless borders are requested. No extra charge for white borders.

Develop & print – gloss / matt

10x30cm/4” x 12” photos: Develop cost + $2.00 per print

13cmx35cm/5” x 14” photos: Develop cost + $4.00 per print

Scanning of Xpan and Horizon negs or slides is available. Standard resolutions for these scans are 2048px x 5635px