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Against all odds film is still alive & well! We sell film, we process film & we will keep doing so for as long as we possibly can.

Film today

Against all is still alive and well! As the world continues to become digitized by leaps and bounds, fewer consumers find a need for film. 

But, interestingly enough, this is quite a misconception. In actual fact, the role of film has shifted from a mass-market image-capturing tool, to a tool greatly appreciated in niche markets & for different uses.

Something similar has happened in the world of music. As compact disks & mp3s stormed the markets, vinyl found its survival niche in the hands of faithful disk jockeys. Likewise, film is used by those who see the value in quality images & by those who have chosen not to switch allegiance & go digital.

Film Camera
Kodak Film Cameras

We try stock a full range of Kodak film in 35mm and 120 formats, however as film sales decline, some emulsions are being discontinued.

If you think film is dead, check out the Kodak Ektar 100 film released in Australia inApril 2010. This superb film is incredibly sharp and delivers full accurate colours of your great images

We sell film, we process film, and we will keep selling and processing film for as long as we possibly can!