digital services

As a digital photo lab, we can offer you a full range of services, from printing to scanning, format conversion & much more.

Conversion services

Converting to Digital
  • We can convert films, slides or photos into digital files.
  • We can convert your home movies & videos into digital files.
  • We can convert framed photos & paintings into digital files.
  • We can convert documents into digital files.
Converting from digital

If you already have digital files, then our specialty is taking those files & printing them. We can print your digital photo files to any size from smaller than wallet size to 24" x 36" (60cm x 90cm) & if you want bigger than that, we can arrange to have the work done for you through our preferred suppliers.

Converting to Digital
Converting to Digital

There is one important word to remember when working with digital files, and that is resolution. Whilst we can produce a photo from any file, no matter how small, it is important to note if there is not enough detail in the file (low resolution), the resulting photo will be disappointing in terms of quality and detail.

If you are not sure what you need, or want, just call us and discuss your needs. We will do our best to work out what will give you the best result.

You can find more information to help you here: Image sizing tips, files sizes and types