dvd slideshows

We turn your photos into a quality video slideshow the whole family can enjoy together on your dvd player.

Bring your photos to life.

The simple act of putting your digital files onto a DVD will not guarantee that the photos will play on a DVD player – it might, it might not – and if it does, the vertical images may not be the correct way up. Different brands of DVD players have different software, and different ways of displaying images.

The one way we have found that we know will work on all DVD players is that we convert the digital images (photos, slides or digital files) into a video slideshow, and it will then play as a movie on the DVD player.

When we do this, we also rotate all images so they are correctly orientated on the screen. 

Our standard settings are a 3 second transition and 10 seconds for the image, but this can be changed on request.

Digital Files to DVD
Photos to DVD

You can also “speed up” or “slow down” the slideshow using the fast forward or rewind buttons on the remote control, or stop it on a photo using the pause button.

If the slideshow is required in a different format such as avi, quicktime, mp4 etc please ask for details before we create the slideshow.

If you already have a DVD slideshow, we can also convert it for you and ensure it is working properly. Consult our full pricelist for details, or contact us to learn more.