holga fun cameras & film
We can develop, print, & scan your Holga film.

Holga Cameras

Want to be different? Want to throw off the shackles? Want to get back to basics?

Most of all, do you want to have FUN!

Holga cameras let you take control of what you want to do, or they let you totally loose control. They take you into the bygone era of using 120 size film and working with manual exposure and manual focus.

Colour print, colour slide or black & white film - you can use it all.

Cross Processing?


Perfect exposure and focus?

Probably not, but then you use Holgas because you want to let the creative juices flow. You want to be different. You want to do your own thing.

We can process your films, we can print them, we can scan them, we can cross process them. In fact we can probably do whatever you want, as long as it will give you a result.

We try to carry a full range of Holgawood Cameras, as well as accessories like fisheye lenses, filter kits and filter holders. We even keep the awesome Holga Stereo 3D camera in stock.

And naturally we also keep a full range of 120 films to keep your Holga running.

Colour Print film in ISO160 and ISO400

Black & White film (real B&W or colour process B&W) in ISO400

E6 Process Colour Slide film in ISO100, with ISO400 available to order.

But if you choose to buy your film on EBay or other places, we can still look after the processing.

35MM Colored Holga Cameras

Holga now have 3 fun 35mm cameras in red, yellow and purple for those who don’t want to muck around with the size of the full size cameras.

The 135TIM cameras can take 2 half frame photos at a time, or separate photos, or double exposed photos, or .. You figure out what you want to do, and HAVE FUN!

If Holga Fun is your choice, then let us work with you to get the results you want.