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Photo classes & digital photography workshops.

Photo Classes

Introduction to Digital Cameras - $75

If you have just bought your digital camera, or are still having problems trying to work out how to use it, we can help you!

We run a 2 hour introductory course on the basics of your digital camera covering such topics as:

  • Macro Option
  • Flash Settings
  • Quality Settings
  • Photography Tips
  • Using the Self-Timer
  • Avoiding Shutter Lag
  • How to Delete Photos
  • Understanding Digital
  • Reviewing your Photos
  • Caring for Memory Cards

These courses are normally run on the 3rd Saturday of the month, but you MUST book in advance

We will soon be running an intermediate course for those who understand the basics of their cameras. This will be a weekend program, and dates will be advised soon.

Send us an email for booking at 

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